In Vermont, we spend a lot of time outdoors appreciating all the beauty it offers. We’re drawn to hiking the Green Mountains, enjoying Lake Champlain or just spending time with friends and family in our back yards.  However, biting insects can certainly make being outdoors less enjoyable. After years of spraying ourselves head to toe with aerosol chemical-based sprays, we sought to create a more natural, healthier way to ward off these insects. 

While looking into creating a natural insect repellent, we discovered the skin is the body’s largest organ, absorbing a sizable percentage of what we put on it.  That said, the chemical-based insect repellents we were applying to our skin were also finding their way into our bodies.  There had to be a more natural alternative.

Our solution was to create a natural-based insect repellent.  We make them with natural ingredients without all the chemicals, synthetics, dyes, and fragrances sometimes found in other insect repellents and lotions.  We feel our insect repellents are an effective natural solution to help ward off biting insects while also benefiting the health of our skin and bodies.


As our company has grown and evolved, we learned other products we put on our skin have a lot of chemicals and synthetic ingredients in them as well. With the knowledge we gained while creating our natural insect repellents, we applied the same principals to our lotions and natural skin care products. 

We are a small company that handcrafts our insect repellents, lotions, and personal care products in small batches. Only quality, natural-based ingredients are used in our products. Our goal is to provide more natural products for your everyday life.


Thank you for your interest and we will continue to provide healthier choices with our skin care products.